A Web Design for Life

If you want to learn about web design, they say, a good start is to set up a blog on WordPress. That’s what they say, that is the people who claim to be in the know in the books and on the web. So here goes. This will be a blog about my aim to get into web design. I’m a long man living in Sussex and ‘between jobs’. I’ve dabbled with blogs and wikis in the past,  and used the odd content management system to edit or upload small bits of information or photos, but have never really got to know the nitty-gritty.  I can already see that there’s loads of information and advice out there, no doubt some good, some bad, so I’ll see what I make of it all and record my thoughts here.

As a qualified librarian with the ingrained need to list/organise information, I’ve set up a useful resources page on this blog so that I have somewhere to list the most useful information I discover over the coming weeks, months or years and can stick it  on these pages!


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