Get to #1 on Google

So how do you make sure that your website gets high up in Google’s search results, in short, that it is google friendly.  Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is the technique employed to try to achieve this on Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo! Through the use of keywords (familiar territory for a librarian), incoming links and other design features, there are various ways to boost your site’s rankings. I’m reading Get to #1 on Google, another In Easy Steps book, which gives a good introduction to the topic.  There’s also a nifty looking bit of software available for free called Web CEO, and loads of ‘Webmaster tools’ from Google, such as Google Analytics and Google Sitemaps, to help you analyse the hits on your website. Yahoo has some similar tools such as Yahoo Site Explorer.

Unfortunately, a couple of things seem to have gone since the book was published. Firstly, the backward link checker on the Google toolbar which let you see which sites are linking into your site, and secondly, also on the tool bar,  a site’s google page ranking, both great tools for webmasters. SEO is a controversial topic and this is probably because Google is trying to make sure that rankings are based on good website content and genuine popularity rather false popularity conjured up by experts mastered in the dark side of  SEO – so called ‘balck hat’ SEO techniques . If anyone knows where these useful tools have gone or if there are good replacement, please let me know.

All fascinating stuff for the inner geek (and of great appeal to me as a qualified librarian). I’m currently making my way through loads of websites on SEO and will report back on my favourites soon. Semantic SEO is the next thing apparently.


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