Word to Clean HTML

Copying text from a Word document to HTML is usually a recipe for disaster and a common mistake for those pasting text into Joomla! or WordPress sites. The usual advice is to use Notepad or better still Notepad++ to clean the text and avoid the anomalies that doing this usually throws up.

Another neat solution is to use the online Wordtocleanhtml. In its own words, ‘Word2cleanhtml cleans up HTML pasted from Word documents. It applies filters to fix various things that Microsoft Office puts in its HTML and gives you a well formatted result that you can paste directly into a web page or content editing system’.

You simply copy the relevant part of your Word Document into the converter and click on ‘Convert to clean HTML’. It then produces the HTML code for the document which you can then copy and paste, or copy to the clipboard. Its seems to work well so why not give it a try.


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