WordPress Plugin for a Radio Station.

I’ve been working on a few sites of late that have needed some more specific or niche plugins. One such site was for a Christian radio station that wanted a plugin for its schedule and to show who’s on air. After looking around the net, and finding quite a few others that were struggling to find good plugins for this, I found a good plugin called Weekly Schedule and complemented that with another called DJ On-Air Widget which provides a widget to display the current DJ and show on air. The drawback was that I had to enter the schedule in twice, once for each plugin.

But then I found a plugin that does both, called not surprisingly, Radio Station. It’s pretty neat though it need need a bit of customising to get the right look and feel. Radio Station provides a grid layout for the weekly schedule and displays the current on air show as well as upcoming shows. Each show also has its own page linked to the schedule and you can also create playlists.

Radio Station does the job and is relatively new to WordPress, having being developed first for Drupal. To see the plugin in action go to Cloud 9 Radio, which launched earlier this week.


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