Free UK Business Directories

Getting Noticed on the Web

Your new website is up and running, but how do you get it and your business noticed? Registering for free but reputable online directories is one way to achieve this. There are hundreds of business directories out there, so it is best to focus on the principal ones and any that are useful/particular to your local area. Try to spend enough time to complete profiles fully but be to the point. Include photos and logos as appropriate.

Note that by submitting your company to these free UK business directories,  do not expect to be flooded with traffic overnight, though hopefully you’ll generate some new leads. What you should be expecting though is an improvement in your search engine placements. A link from the business directory to your company website helps you to get a higher ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. Make sure your NAP – Name, Address and Phone number – is consistent across directories and on your website. Google likes that.

Basic listings are free for most directories though you can often pay for extras or for priority listings, but only do this if you think it is really worth it.

Many of these sites encourage reviews – try to get customers to post positive reviews on the sites you are listed on. Try to make sure also that you are registered with any specialist trade directories relating to what you do or directories local to your area.

If you are a freelancer or sole trader working from home, note that most of these directory services require your address to be public though some (including Google My Business) allow you to state a service area instead, so if that is an issue for you, best to check.

Local SEO

Getting listed in directories is just a small part of local SEO. For more guidance on developing a lcoal SEO strategy see A Complete Guide to Local SEO in 2016 by


Last updated: June 2016




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