Chrome overtakes Explorer

Following my post in May suggesting that Chrome was about to become the most popular browser, this has now happened. According to W3Counter, Chrome now has a 28.3% share as against 27.6% for Explorer, with Firefox a further 5% behind.

Since July 2012, the iOS Safari browser (iPhone/iPad/iPhone touch) has been included in Safari’s usage share and explains a surge from 6.5% in June to 14.4% in August.

What this all demonstrates and is no great surprise, is that people are browsing on more varied browsers and platforms than ever before.

You can view the August stats here.


Chrome Rising in Browser Wars

The Google Chrome web browser is set to replace Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in the next few months. According to W3Counter’s latest global web stats based on visits to over 50,000 web sites, the browser overtook Firefox in January of this year, and is rapidly closing in on Explorer. In April, the browser shares were as follows:

  1. Explorer 30%
  2. Chrome 25.9%
  3. Firefox 24.1%

Compare this to April two years ago:

  1. Explorer 48.2%
  2. Firefox  32.5%
  3. Chrome 8.3%

So in two years, Explorer has lost 18% of its share and Firefox, 8.5%, whilst Chrome has increased its share by almost 18%. Beyond the top three, Safari and Opera have remained fairly static in recent months, currently with a market share of 6.5% and 2.2% each.

You can see this strikingly illustrated at